Engineering Location

Ergotronica has been founded in the 2003, it is a company with very high dynamic capability.

The name "Ergotronica" is mix between "ERGOnomy" and "eletTRONICA". It highlight the wish to work and to develop applications which goal is an appropriate and aimed use of the customized electronics technology.

The company's know how, acquired in beyond twenty years of experiences made in several multidisciplinary application fields, allows to understand the real customer requirement and to formulate the best one offer in order to catch up the prefixed goal. Some of the qualities of Ergotronica are the ability to interaction and to collaboration with multidisciplinary groups.

The main activity of Ergotronica is splitted in two branch: Electronics designs and Photovoltaics projects.

The customer is supported, from the first encounter, to till to the definition and realization of best solution to the proposed problem.

The synergy identified in entity "customer-Ergotronica" will show a new and innovative iter towards the better solution able to optimizing the characteristics of the final product.

The main objectives of Ergotronica are: to identify, to propose, to realize the best solution to the proposed problem and the complete customer satisfaction.

...... welcome in our web site and we hope in a future collaboration with you.

                                                   Ergotronica team